Wednesday, 1 April 2009

RColorBrewer for S+

Given the work to make S+ colors compatible with R in S+ 8, it was trivial to port RColorBrewer to S+. I've submitted this to CSAN using the procedure described in the S+ 8 Guide to Packages. It'll be interesting to see what the lag time is to get this up on CRAN.

The motivation for the port is I'm doing more with the-code-formerly-known-as-ArrayAnalyzer lately, and the Bioconductor Case Studies book likes to use RColorBrewer in examples.



You can share your S-PLUS package with other users within your
department, company, or university. Just send them the package
archive, and have them install it with the INSTALL script or the
install.packages function (setting repos=NULL).

If you want to share your package with the entire S-PLUS community,
you can submit your package for inclusion in the Comprehensive S
Archive Network (CSAN). To submit a package, upload the source
package archive (the result of running Splus CMD build) to:

Once you have uploaded your file, send a message to

stating the name of the package archive you submitted.

Before submitting a package for inclusion in CSAN, it should pass the
check utility. Make sure these key fields in the DESCRIPTION file
have appropriate values: Package, Title, Version, Author,
Maintainer, and License. If any of these are missing, your package
will not be posted to CSAN.

Insightful will review your submitted package, run the check utility,
and create a Windows binary archive. If everything passes, the
package is posted to the CSAN site. Any problems with the package
are sent to the package submitter.

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  1. Well, the email to "" bounced. I've put the package up on Google Sites (